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SUP Wingsurf

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New era in Paddleboarding

No more paddles, try new era of wind sport – SUP with Wing.

What can be cooler than do explore beautiful places around powered by the wind? Absolutely new feelings and breathtaking landscapes present you unforgettable emotions and good time with friend, family or lonely chilling.

Easy to manage, quick learning, no forces, only true pleasure. Professional instructors guarantee you safety during the lessons.

A gift from Koh Naga: ” Absolutely wild nature of the island with beatiful sea and quite paradise – nothing could be better than ve been lostet in this vibes

Our professional instructor provide you unique equipment and best service:

  • Safety learning
  • Suitable for kids
  • No need to have any experience
  • A lot of fun

SUP-Wing practice

Special camp pricing

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  • 1000B/ hour
  • 300B/ hour
  • 2500B
  • 500B/ hour

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