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Tail Wing 250 UHM


The 250 UHM stabilizer is a more dynamic, athletic and rigid version of the 250 HR, offering improved stability and higher performance at top speed.

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Tail wings - Tail wing length

Tail wings - Tail wing material

Tail wings - Tail wing scale

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The 250 UHM rear stabilizer is the most exclusive in the range and created for those seeking performance. With an elongated profile and Carbon UHM construction, it yields improved speed, maneuverability, speed, and acceleration.

Carbon UHM provides maximum rigidity and absolute precision. The 45 cm wingspan means the tail wing is low-drag, low-profile and sensitive. This allows the flexibility to knock out transitions with greater speed and control.

Optimized for windfoil, this stabilizer is also the equal of those seeking performance in athletic wingfoil foil setups and strong wind conditions.

TAAROA is unique in our use of the DFCM (Dynamic Fluid Compression Molding) method of fabrication. This technique optimizes carbon fiber volume ratio to create a more structurally sound product, giving better on-the-water performance.

The tail wing is also reinforced with titanium at the screw inserts, for strength and rigidity at this critical point of connection.

The 250 UHM stabilizer is modular and compatible with all elements of the TAAROA foil range.

The bottom line:

  • Performance and speed orientation, low-profile and sensitive but stable
  • Multisport performance use including wind, wing, surf, wake, SUP downwind
  • High wind control



TAAROA is a French brand established in 2012, and one of the European leaders in the leisure-driven hydrofoil market. TAAROA has a clear objective: to propel an evolution in an industry that can sometimes seem inaccessible, by offering modular and high-tech products at a competitive price. We focus on quality, performance and durability when designing our products — some of which are under warranty for ten years. In our R&D process, we collaborate closely with global experts in composite technology. Through these partnerships and an internal production line, we are able to integrate the best materials in our designs, therefore maximizing the rigidity and performance of our components. Recently, TAAROA has announced the iUP, the first foil powered by artificial intelligence, in order to make foiling accessible to all.

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Tail wings - Tail wing length

Tail wings - Tail wing material

Tail wings - Tail wing scale