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Advance Kite Foiling set SWORD 108 UHM

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The SWORD UHM foil is the pinnacle of TAAROA kitefoil engineering and technology.

Wing KF HA550 UHM

Tail Wing 170 UHM

Mast SWORD 108 UHM

Fuselage KF 54 TI

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This pack includes the following:



The KF HA 550 UHM front wing is conceived for professional kitefoil racers. The finesse of its profile gives incomparable performance in speed and acceleration, even in light wind.


The 170 UHM rear stabilizer is dedicated to the quest for speed and performance in kitefoil. Its streamlined, low-drag profile isthe ultimate speed weapon.


The SWORD 108 UHM mast is the most exclusive in our kitefoil range. Its sophisticated design and innovative technology is the result of years of R&D. This unique mast is one hundred percent engineered for speed.

– FUSELAGE : KF 54 Ti fuselage

The KF 54 fuselage was developed for kitefoil performance. Naturally anticorrosive, it offers enhanced stability at high speeds.



TAAROA is a French brand established in 2012, and one of the European leaders in the leisure-driven hydrofoil market. TAAROA has a clear objective: to propel an evolution in an industry that can sometimes seem inaccessible, by offering modular and high-tech products at a competitive price. We focus on quality, performance and durability when designing our products — some of which are under warranty for ten years. In our R&D process, we collaborate closely with global experts in composite technology. Through these partnerships and an internal production line, we are able to integrate the best materials in our designs, therefore maximizing the rigidity and performance of our components. Recently, TAAROA has announced the iUP, the first foil powered by artificial intelligence, in order to make foiling accessible to all.

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Wing KF HA550 UHM

Front wing length

Front wing material

Front wing scale

Front wing aspect ratio

Tail Wing 170 UHM

Tail wing length

Tail wing material

Tail wing scale

Mast SWORD 108 UHM

Mast length

Mast material

Fuselage KF 54 TI

Fuselage length

Fuselage material