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foil in love with wing and kite foiling

Ever since our first foiling experience, we have been passionately searching out the very best equipment, in order to live, and breathe this dream, as deeply as we can


It all started on a beach in Thailand, when a friend imported the first wing foiling equipment, in to the country. We were surprised to learn so fast! Wing foiling is much easier than other similar water- sport. The learning curve is quicker, but the potential for progression, is no less deep. An almost immediate exhilaration can be found, soon after the very first session with a foil.


The joy of wing foiling flourished. Rapidly, this passion and excitement spread, and soon we had to find more equipment, for our friends, who had likewise, fallen in love, with this exhilarating new sport. This new, and exciting sport captured our hearts. and in doing so, a desire to test all of the wing foil equipment, that we could get hands (and feet) on, was born!


Based in Thailand, we searched out wing foiling brands and manufacturers and discovered that most watersport equipment was made in Asia, but they are predominantly focused on the European and American markets. Well organized, with marketing, sales and the delivery of their products, for the western markets, – they have almost entirely forgotten the Asian riders…


Let’s first consider the typical distribution system, of the most famous hydrofoil brands:


– the product is made in Thailand, by an OEM factory.
– after the product is manufactured. it is then shipped to the USA or one of the brand’s European distributors.
– the distributor imports the products and resells them to physical stores, or online retailers, in Europe.


If an Asian rider wants to buy equipment, he must pay for the freight back to Asia, and then the additional import duty costs! We decided to create a new, more efficient system and launch a resource like based in Asia, we buy equipment in Asia. Our objective is to reduce all unnecessary coast and to provide the best deals and availability of wing foil equipment, to the Asia Pacific market. Although we had met difficulties getting in contact with the brands or factories themselves, it didn’t stop us in our search for the best, and finally, we found the brand, who satisfied all of our needs. The name of this brand is Taaroa.


Taaroa hydrofoil is a french, high quality brand of hydrofoils, that are made in Thailand. the exclusive distributor for the Asian Pacific market. All products are sent directly to customers, from the Taaroa factory, based in Bangkok.


Taaroa has a clear objective: to propel an evolution in an industry that can sometimes seem inaccessible, by offering modular and high-tech products at a competitive price. Their R&D process is based on close collaboration with global experts in composite technology. Through these partnerships and an internal production line, they are able to integrate the best materials in designs (reduce space between “in” and “designs”) Recently, Taaroa has announced the IUP, the first foil powered by artificial intelligence, in order to make foiling accessible to all.


Our team personally ride, test, and select the very best wingfoil equipment, ourselves. We stay tuned-in to the local community of riders, who are constantly testing, and giving in-depth feedback, on every piece of equipment that we offer.

Our product selection is the result of the comprehensive comparison, and study, that’s taken place over many months of daily rider testing, in a wide range of conditions and environments. Very few people can afford to buy the wrong product. Our objective, it to avoid others wasting their precious time and money, by providing the most efficient, and best fit products, for each riders’ needs.


Today, we are proud to share the wonder of wing foiling, by offering the very best equipment available to retailers and riders, in all Asia pacific. We appreciate your support, the opinions and stories that you share with us, and of course, your joy and love of foiling!